Conditions of transportation

0. Inroductory Provision

0.1 The company TOP1 Service GROUP s.r.o. (further TOP1TAXI) operated the taxi company – meaning th transport of persons, suitcases, other things and animals.

0.2 All the drivers of TOP1TAXI are holders of valid driving licences of the group B, have long-term experience in driving many types of cars. All the cars of TOP1TAXI are in coordination with the legal provisions of the insurance company.

0.3 For the purpose of Transportation Conditions (further TC), following notions are stated:
“Haulier” – the company TOP1TAXI
“Client” – private or public person to whom the TOP1TAXI offers a transfer based on an order
“Transport” – transport of persons and their suitcases, other things and animals based of the client’s order
“TC” – the rights and obligations of the haulier and the client during the transport
“Driver” – the employee of the TOP1TAXI company
“The contract of transport" – the contract of transport of persons and their suitcases, other things and animals based of the client’s order according to the valid legal provisions of the Civil Code
“Superior power” – is the car accident, traffic jam, floods, demonstrations, war conflicts not influenced by the driver

0.4 These TC are obligatory to the clients from reading them or being pointed to them when concluding a contract.

1. Transport Agreement

1.1 TOP1TAXI mediate a transport to the client based on client’s order, according to the personal, phone, email of order form from the order. Each of the contracting sides pays their expenses linked with the order of transport.
1.2 The transport agreement is concluded when the client, after the agreement of the driver, get on board of the taxi.

2. Client’s rights

Client has a right of a safe transport in accordance to the legal provisions valid in the Czech Republic to the destination appointed by the client. The client has the right to appoint the route of the transport if it is a condition to the valid provisions in the Czech Republic, and to request the receipt and whenever end the transport.

3. The obligations of the client

3.1 The client is obliged to obey to the driver’s instructions concerning the safety of transport and the transport itself. In case of serious breaches, the client is obliged to get out of the car on the instructions of the driver.
3.2 Client is obliged to use the safety belt for the whole time of the transport, beginning when getting on board and terminating when getting of the car.
3.3 Condition to the safety requirements, the client cannot:

  • Intervene if the driving
  • Communicate orders which could lead to the breach of safety requirements and the free traffic circulation (breach of the traffic rules) or to a breach of others legal provisions (e.g. to demand to stop at places not intended for parking or entering places marked by entry prohibition traffic sign etc),
  • To open the door of car when driving, to obstruct its opening or closing, to get on/out when the car is moving, to lean out of the window,
  • To throw out things through the window or letting the objects out of the window,
  • To get in the car that is fully occupied,
  • To intervene the safe horizon of the driver or alternatively intervene the driver’s area,
  • Act loudly, play loud music or act irrespectably to the driver
  • To eat, smoke and consume drugs and others psychotropic material,
  • To contaminate others clients or the car with inappropriate behaviour or dirty attire or suitcase or in other way contaminating the car,
  • To put baggage on seats.

4. Children transport

4.1 Children up to 18 years can be transported only with the agreement of their parents/legal representatives. The driver has the right to refuse the transport if the client fails to prove the agreement of the legal representative.

4.2 Children whose weight will not exceed 36kg and their height will not exceed 150cm, will be transported in the child safety seat. The client is obliged to communicate the transport of children under the weight of 36kg and height 150cm at least 12hours in advance. The child cannot be transported on the co-driver seat and must be secured by the safety belt. If the child safety seat is used in village and the seat was used, the seat must be equipped with an airbag. When using the child safety seat, the conditions of the manufacturer must be met.

5. Baggage and Animal Transport

5.1 TOP1TAXI commits itself to mediate a transport of client’s baggage with the client, under his surveillance, or separately in which case the company commits to transport the baggage to the destination. The driver has the right to refuse the agreement of the baggage transport (the content included), which could endanger the safety of persons, property or the transport or other baggage, which could in case on inappropriate package and damage the persons on board or suitcases or the car. Furthermore, the driver has the right to refuse transport of fragile items such as crystal chandelier etc, which could get damaged easily.

5.2 The client is obliged to aware the driver of fragile or expensive items on board. In other case the driver will not be responsible for any damages.

5.3 The client is responsible for all baggage not place in the truck of taxi.

5.4 Dangerous baggage, e.g. item that are conditions to the special treatment and legal conditions, such as guns, munitions, other dangerous items that could explode, lead to the fire, damage of the car, intoxication, burns and illnesses of people and animals can be transported only based on previous written agreement of TOP1TAXI. The client is obliged to notify the transport of dangerous items when ordering.

5.5 The client is obliged to notify the transport of precious items of amount up to 250.000CZK or higher. Such baggage can be transported only after written agreement of TOP1TAXI.

5.6 Animals can be transported only in case, that the safety of driver, persons on board and the traffic circulation will not be endangered.

5.7 The client is obliged to set the transport of animal in a way that the animal will nit contaminate persons, car and would not endanger the driver and other persons on board. Specifically, it is a condition to a mouthpiece and a leash. In case of transporting an animal in the truck, the animal must be placed in the solid box, with unpenetrable bottom. The client is responsible to the damages on car produces by the animal.

5.8 Prams, wheelchairs, skis, snowboards, bikes etc. can be transported only when sufficient space in the car and if the items would not endanger other baggage and the car. The client is obliged to inform the transport of items above in advance, when ordering.

5.9 In case of damage, loss of theft of baggage and other valuable assets, the client must inform the driver right after the arrival to destination or to the end of the transport, before getting out of the car. The driver is obliged to comment on client’s complaint. Without a written complaint the client cannot claim damage. TOP1TAXI is not responsible for any damages or theft of any baggage in case that it was done so due to inappropriate packing, behaviour of the client, superior power or due to the consequence of removing the impacts of superior power.

6. The rights of TOP1TAXI driver

6.1 The driver has the right to refuse the transport if conditions of TOP1TAXI at the Art. 3 are not accomplished or in case of exceeding the maximum weight of car or exceeding the maximum persons on board.

6.2 The driver has the right to end the transport in case of restricting the rights of TOP1TAXI drivers or in case of intervening into driving. The client is obliged to pay the transport up to this place according to the price list and potential damages.

6.3 The driver has the right to refuse the transport agreement or abandon it in case the client’s destination is impossible to reach or reachable with extreme efforts.

7. The TOP1TAXI driver’s obligations

7.1 The TOP1TAXI driver is obliged, when transporting the client, to follow the traffic regulation and to behave in a way not to make any damage.

7.2 The TOP1TAXI driver is obliged to help and assist to place client’s baggage into car, if client wishes so.

7.3 The TOP1TAXI’s driver is obliged to give a receipt to the client after receiving payment.

8. The price of transport

The client is obliged to pay the price of transport according to the valid price list of TOP1TAXI that is accessible on the website: and to pay with cash after reaching destination.

9. Closing provision

9.1 The driver, nor TOP1TAXI are responsible to damage in case that the driver was not prepared to collect the client at time due to reasons not produced by the driver (e.g. calamity, roundabout way, traffic accident, impassable route etc)

9.2 All legal relations between the client and TOP1TAXI are subject to the Czech law.

9.3 These transport conditions are valid from 1.12.2013 and remain valid untill publication of new transport conditions on the website

Price calculation


The calculated amount is for guidance only. The waiting time in traffic jams, at traffic lights and other traffic collapse is not included in the price! More info about the precise tariff prices for individual taxis can be found in the price list.


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