Promote Top1Taxi Brno

We offer cooperation to restaurant, sporting, cultural or other facilities.

Present our company in the best possible way, through our advertising material (stands, business cards, discount leaflets, stickers, etc.) See below:


Promote Top 1 Taxi Brno!

Promote Top 1 Taxi Brno!

Promote Top 1 Taxi Brno!


Cooperation on contract is based on the provision of promotional materials, including discounts to potential clients of the facility operated by the candidate of contract.

As a contractor for the promotion of our company will receive for your employees, including management of up to 5 loyalty gold cards (20% discount on fares unless an exemption see current price list) for each contract - a business will be featured on our website as a contractual partner. Gold Loyalty card -20% is applicable in all the services we offer, see:

The card is transferable. More information can be found here:
If you are interested in more information, send draft contract or interest in a personal meeting please contact us at



Price calculation


The calculated amount is for guidance only. The waiting time in traffic jams, at traffic lights and other traffic collapse is not included in the price! More info about the precise tariff prices for individual taxis can be found in the price list.


  • Airport taxi

    Airport taxi is a convenient express service removal, or pick up at the airport at discounted prices from (14 to 19 CZK/km).

    We will provide you a comfortable and fast transport to the airport in Brno, Prague (3 400 CZK), Vienna (2 400 CZK), Bratislava (2 700Kč), Frankfurt (11 500kč) and others see the offer airport taxi to the airport.

    Use our services and caught their plane on time. Free daily newspapers and a drink of your choice.

  • 8 people to 8 places of all the Brno for 550 CZK

    Only 69 CZK could cost you a comfortable way home from bars, dance clubs or elsewhere. In our seven-seat taxi, we will take you up to seven different places in Brno and surroundings.

    For more information click on special offer.

  • Loyalty programme

    Get a golden discount with our loyalty programme. Get your golden card today and travel with us for 24 CZK/km.

    You will find in loyalty card section how to get the golden card.

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  • English
  • Français
  • Deutsch
  • Italiano
  • Русский
  • The cheapest

    taxi in Brno and

    Brno’s neighbourhood

  • More than 150km

    the retour journey

    is for FREE

  • On board

    of each car


  • Pay now

    with bitcoin

    with us

  • Up to 8 persons

    to 8 places

    for 500 CZK

  • Go with us

    and collect

    the loyalty bonuses

  • With us

    you can go

    anywhere on holiday

  • Transport of seniors

    for special price

  • The transport

    with escort

    for your offspring

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