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  • Thomas M. On the recommendation of a friend I used this taxi and I can recommend it as well. He came clean and fragrant Hyundai. Super is that they have a bagel and a Coke, so when you go out partying, so he throws some food. The driver was nice, friendly - it is not often see. Dobrali we mainly targets early and cheaply. I recommend
  • George H. Fast delivery taxi within 5 minutes, in addition to competition for a better price. This taxi recommend to try :-)
  • Zaneta D. utilize their service for children both because their drivers seem decent, plus a child still complained. Moreover, they send an SMS as soon as they arrive (I have verified through mom who writes to me now, too), so I've also used it to pick up rings
  • Thomas S. reliable and inexpensive. I noticed them on Apokalypsách, which runs at a super price - and normally, however, are inexpensive - especially the customer card. Additionally maj events for kids, seniors and so - so I carry a whole as family :)
  • Roman T. if I could not move the car, a alone, ride with top1 - like the airport once was enough, I took the competitors to understand that I do not do it again
  • John P. Very good taxi - immediate reaction in the tip - can weave the traffic situation Brno-professional drivers and a good price.
  • Jaroslav NO. Fast and reliable taxi - always arrive on Monday, visiting :) + maj good price at airport
  • Vaclav R. ISIC in Brno at 20 seems to me better than squeezing with those pakama in night-acceleration
  • Matthew P. That's how I imagine a taxi. Reached quickly, drive fast, not wanting too much. That is why I go back too.
  • Nicol H. I used this company for the first time and we are extremely satisfied. From the center to Slatina for 126 - a super :-) I recommend this to all taxi for student prices 19 CZK / km.
  • Alena P. we found them still at school - for mass distribution of parties - today's and her husband use
  • Thomas K. good taxi - cheap - the driver was good too, we had fun - simply good

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  • Paul S. I always rode with City Taxi, but I said that I try somebody else, too, and I must say that the satisfaction in the first friendly voice operators, quick execution of my orders, the car arrived in time and the extra price that I paid so I stay true to Top1taxi.
  • John A. Absolutely friendly and flexible service ... I recommend anytime ....
  • Thomas S. I drive regularly - taxi and drink - and I can only recommend!
  • Miroslav P. Top1 use regularly. Before, I tried others BR taxi, but he was always there were some problems ...
  • Beata N. utilize the removal moms to doctors, when they themselves can not. The friendly drivers - willing, my mother always praises
  • Karin H. Super Pick-up events - always piled into the party supplies for 8 - most funny for a few bucks :))
  • Vlastimil B. Max. satisfaction for transfer to / from the event, as well as to the airport - where they store extra good prices
  • Peter R. reputable service with good reproof, whether normal taxi, or when I need a better car without the stickers. I can only recommend.
  • Alena K. garbage Super, super people. Nice car, fast, driver smiling :) Just great.
  • Ivana K. We went with Top1taxi to and from the hospital - even married with a newborn and drove fááákt carefully. As a taxi driver I was very pleasantly surprised. I do not remember the price, paid by a husband and me, it was in those times (both times absolutely do not care - in the hospital, I was afraid to give me another drain of plodovka from the hospital, I was in the euphoria of babies).
  • Katka. Thank you for a great ride :) We needed to catch a train (somehow we became enmeshed in the package), the train should go in twenty minutes. driver came 8 minutes into Zabini, in 10 minutes we were at her breasts, yet we ponmohl with one suitcase and a clumsy addition us it came out nearly 50 per person - so cool!
  • Thomas S. dependable - that's the word - arrive at the appointed time, run the shortest (or fastest cestama - if they want to take it somewhere else) and Brno I know - myself have it properly passed on in distribution brigádkách
  • Jarek O. The climate is golden. In the summer I often come like crap, but on Saturday we got pretty chilly and were glad for the ride pretty warm. Even though it was a Bílovic to the center and good price
  • George H. I also took advantage of several services and services TOP1TAXI drink and drive and I must say that the price of the lowest in Brno is a reality. Additionally, vehicle delivery as agreed, and yet one can have fun with a professional driver on leave (where what and how good it is) Thank you :-)
  • Radoslav N. unlike jinejch nevymlouvaj run time and the fact that they gave a stupid dispatching address - with řidičema can talk normally - a journey not a EXTEND hoděj me always, so I pursued everything - generally nice people
  • Pavlina O. Good taxi - they have a lot of services, which can save time (for kids, dogs, grandparents), and they are able to send SMS even when the question arrives at the destination
  • Michael B. long term with them to ride alone and I take partners for actions. Maj repre cars for which to be ashamed of and we have a deal and normal invoicing, all the time I did not have to pull money. Top1 is a good partner, thanks.
  • Miroslav Ch. I do not have a single problem with them. Decent fellows. Wifi always happy, at least můžem' operatively change the company when someone is crowded.
  • Olga S. alone top1 :) rozvezená party for five hundred, and yet I give thanks :) it was great
  • Edward J. S top1 ride for several years. I always met with friendly negotiations and price. I think that their services don 't mistake. When I returned from the airport to the station with the competition, I paid almost twice as much than with them from the station to the airport.
  • John K. Young with them to carry our children - and they even write the sms that arrived. I'm thinking that I would have used it on vození grandmother to the doctor, to her all the time we did not.
  • Mark P. ordered in advance and always arrive at the time and run the ball - I train with them even ridden
  • Kamila O. ride my topjedna quite often and I am satisfied. Other Taxi in the street nechytam, already a few times to me was that I got into, "turistickyho" where me pretty ventured - topjedna da ordered sms, confirm quickly comes and sits prices
  • Jarmila K. Good lord driver also helped me with bags. And I got a discount on horseback Senior passport, so you can afford when you need to find somewhere to travel with luggage.
  • Peter L. suprový folks, with which you can entertain - from akcičku grabs a collective taxi, and not have to deal with a start and drunk
  • Ondra S. Went us 9, sausage rode alone, 7 took us a collective taxi. I believe that a ride in Brno for 70 crowns :) This collective taxi is really cool.
  • Vaclav R. seamless service with professional drivers, which can be relied upon even in times when other customers ignore
  • George K. cars always clean, decent drivers for their wifině I've already x times dohledával connections - but the goals are usually so fast that in addition to net idose had nothing to miss :))
  • Alena P. still at school we used by the people for five hundred more - excellent :) and if anyone was extra and went for Student :))
  • Paul T. The only taxi that grabs a lot of early morning - satisfaction for me, otherwise I probably can not even travel
  • David C. Only taxi to catch a lot of early morning - satisfaction for me, otherwise I probably can not even travel
  • Vladimir H. excellent distribution of the company in Brno, also have wifinu, so you can quickly download things at the hearing, I recommend
  • Kamila D. I've always been satisfied with the service. With Top1taxi we go the whole family!
  • John P. Good communication, correct drivers for accessing customers. I recommend.
  • Peter K. Clean cars and wifi - good prices and the return from Brno - and drivers are hunks :))
  • Roman T. polite drivers, clean cars, jezděj, maj way and arrive on time - what more could want
  • Václav T. reliable - I call to arrive at the appointed time - and have a senior discount on passport!
  • Joseph S. cue evening came right in the center as we were too dup kaček and it cost a couple
  • Paul K. operator very helpful and polite drivers - help me carry parents to / from train
  • Frederick D. super cab, catch them even at times when others are giving cup of coffee or something (like the morning) and ridičema well kecá
  • Renata H. They came to us and with the seat already x times, the older daughter just send them when nestíhám
  • Joseph V. Solid taxi: nešidí, go which way they have, simply perform
  • Paul R. maximum satisfaction.
  • Jolana N. Alright - arrangement, range, auto and price. I recommend.
  • Vero Nika I am happy and excited about your services!
  • Peter K. Fast, economical, discreet I recommend !!!!!
  • Michelle M. 1st class service, nice car. very polite and scheduled for early pick up - and Also They have flat rates are to airport and also credit cards. I would also Top1 over any other cab any day
  • Walter K. Eines der besten einfach Super Taxi - Bin begeistert - Ich freue wieder auf der Suche nach einem Konzert in Brno!
  • Dagmar K. very good taxi operator dear, good conductor - helped me at ease survive its visit to Brno, thank you


  • JLangar I suggest - perhaps the best prices in Brno.
  • Jedra Hello, I used your service and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Clean the exterior and interior of the car, the driver shirt (official). I've never encountered anything like it. Usually arrives smoky dirty car driver has inappropriate questions. The icing on the end of the bill. At first I was taken aback at such a low price until later that I realized that TOP1TAXI is a true market leader. I have tried many, but not until I know that I can rely on. Sincerely S.
  • Stopman Skukum I can recommend! I ride with you on a regular basis, in the car clean, unbeatable price everything exactly as it should be. I wish a lot of satisfied customers!
  • Alice D. quickly arrived, the car was nice - clean and pleasant journey - thanks
  • marcel prompt dispatch, readiness, professionalism

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    Use our services and caught their plane on time. Free daily newspapers and a drink of your choice.

  • 8 people to 8 places of all the Brno for 550 CZK

    Only 69 CZK could cost you a comfortable way home from bars, dance clubs or elsewhere. In our seven-seat taxi, we will take you up to seven different places in Brno and surroundings.

    For more information click on special offer.

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